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THE JOURNEY Student Ministries is for students, seventh grade through twelfth grade. THE JOURNEY Students will meet every Sunday evening from 6:30-8 PM. This group follows the local school calendars, and they do not meet during the summer, except for monthly events.

The Journey Students are currently on summer break. Special events during summer include:

  • July 4 – Wettest Parade in Ohio, downtown Franklin
  • July 11-16 – World Changers Mission Trip
  • July 24 – Boating Day at Caesar Creek
  • August 14 – Kings Island Day
  • September 11 – End of Summer Party

For more information, contact Mike Shirley and Shawn Acrey at

Journey Students after the Great Color War of 2021!

Photo/Video Release

We respect your privacy. Before we post a photo or video of your child on our website or Facebook page, we would like to get your permission. Our photo/video release is here. If you would like to consent to this use, please print out this release and return a signed copy to the Children’s Director.