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Kings Island

Student Ministries Kings Island Day

Kings Island

PICKUP/DROPOFF- Please plan to meet at 9:45 AM at the parent pick up and drop off area outside of the park on Kings Island Drive. This is outside of the parking lot located right next to the big Kings Island marquee sign! If you do not have a gold pass you can’t enter the parking lot to drop off without paying. We will all meet at the designated pickup/drop off and load into vehicles of those staying all day! You can pick up your child from this same location whenever needed. The group will be staying until close at 10 PM.

MONEY- Kings Island is CASHLESS. Students can use a credit card, debit card, or a prepaid Visa card to make purchases. There are also kiosks throughout the park that they can upload cash to a card to spend inside the park. Please send enough money for food, drinks, and souvenirs. We will eat more than once through out the day.

RAIN- This is a rain or shine event. As of now they are calling for chances of rain on Saturday. Ponchos are encouraged!

BELONGINGS- Kings Island does not allow any outside food, beverages, or coolers in the park. If your child is bringing a backpack please keep in mind that locker rentals are not free. Unless your child needs something very specific it’s best to only send them with their phones, and money. I can carry ponchos with me until we need them!

SOAK CITY- We will be going to soak city at some point in the day. Please send your students swim suit and a towel! We will leave these items in our cars until we are ready to head to the water park side, and can change back into our dry clothes once we’re done.

*If your student has a gold pass please make sure to send it with them, or have it downloaded on the KI app!*

We’re so excited to spend the day with all of these kids! This was the first event they asked about since we started up, and we’re excited the day is almost here! If you have any questions at all please send me a message!

More information about Kings Island can be seen on their website.