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It's not about rules

It’s not about rules

So, one of the things I got to thinking about is, as we’re kind of sitting around, trying to find things to do, we came home and I was tired and I was like, “Man, let’s turn on some TV. Let’s watch a game, or let’s watch something on TV,” and I realized there’s no sports on TV right now. That’s just the way things are. And I got to thinking about sports, and you know what makes sports as exciting as they are? It’s the rules. Think about it. We love to hate the referee, right? We love to be like, “Hey, take his whistle,” or like, “Hey, zebra stripes, get some glasses.” All these things, and we blame our losses on the referees. We blame bad plays on the referees. What are the referees jobs? The referee’s job is to enforce the rules that the game has. Without the rules, the game wouldn’t be any fun.

Well, here’s a set of rules that are a little different. This week we’re obviously not going to have church because the governor doesn’t want us gathering in groups, and I agree. Let me just go on the record and say I totally agree. I think that we are in as good of a spot that we are right now because our government has done extreme measures, and I think that’s why we’re not seeing the things that we’ve been seeing in other countries. So, that’s my little plug to say, keep up the quarantining, the social distancing, whatever you want to call it. Let’s keep doing what we’re doing.

But back to this whole rule thing, I want you to join us tomorrow morning because, you know, the rules typically say, well, to go to “church,” you’ve got to show up at church, to that building, at whatever time on Sunday morning. Well, I don’t think you do. The church is us. When we gather together, we’re the church.

And so, John chapter 8, I’m going to be sharing a story of a woman who broke all the rules. And I think that this is in Scripture because — this is my opinion — because Jesus, when He came to the earth, he came to tell us, “It’s not about a bunch of rules, man. It’s about a relationship with Christ.”

And so, I don’t know who’s watching this video right now, I don’t know what rules you’ve broken in society, or what people have deemed you as “broken” and unfixable and all these things. But one of the things I love to teach my kids is Jesus didn’t come to enforce a bunch of rules. That’s not what it’s about, man. Jesus came to have a relationship with us, and Jesus was all about grace.

I’m going to ask you to join us Sunday morning at 10 AM on Facebook Live. Go to our Facebook page. It’s The Journey Community Church. I’ll tag in this video so you can click on it there at the top. It’ll take you to our Facebook page.

I want you to join us at 10 AM for a new style of our worship gathering. It’s all online right now, and in the morning I’m going to be addressing this issue that Jesus gets into about rules as we look at John chapter 8 with a woman that was caught having an affair. She was in adultery.

I’m going to share with you kind of the rated R version that you may not realize until you really look into the Scriptures and see what was happening. It’s easy just to read right over it and read it as maybe a PG-13 story. My guess is that that’s not what it is. We’re going to talk about that. And so, I hope you’ll join us. Sunday morning, 10 AM on Facebook Live as we look at this issue of rules.

I would love nothing more that to watch Nascar. They’re in the car all by themselves. With nobody in the stands, that would be awesome, but that’s not going to happen. So, anyway, comment on here. Let me know what sport you’re missing right now. Obviously, I miss football, but there’s no football on anyway. But baseball, basketball, the final four, I mean, all that stuff we missed. So comment on here. Let me know what sport you miss, and I hope to see you here, Sunday morning, 10 AM on our Facebook Page for Facebook Live Online Worship Gathering. See you tomorrow.