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New series: You are the Man

You are the Man

Hey, there. One of the things that I get really excited about is just what I see God doing during this time of quarantine. And so, right now it’s Saturday night and I want to invite you to join us Sunday morning at 10 AM through The Journey Community Church live.

We’re starting a brand new series. This week I was really kind of wrestling with what I was going to teach on, and we had something planned to teach through and I told our staff, I said, I just don’t feel comfortable doing it. I’m wrestling with this. I feel like what God is telling me is to teach people how to pray.

We talk about how we’re always so busy that we never have time to spend with God. We never have time to just slow down and pray. And so, God has just wiped those schedules for us, if you know what I mean. It makes me want to look at God and say, You are the Man! Right?

And so, what we’re going to do, we’re going to start a new series tomorrow teaching you how to pray. Teaching you what the logistics are when we talk to God. And so, I’m going to start with a story about David from 2 Samuel 11 and 12. I’m going to do a little reading, and I’m going to basically just title this series “You are the Man.” And that’s what we’re going to walk through.

Tomorrow we’re going to look at this idea of You are the Man. And so, I hope you’ll join us. I’m really excited to say that I’ve got a new edition to my teaching area. People are awesome and they’ve watched my sermons, and they get on it.

So, anyway. Join us here tomorrow morning 10 AM for our live worship from my basement, I guess. It’s going to be awesome. I’m excited about it, so I hope you’ll join us Sunday morning 10 AM. Go to The Journey Community Church Facebook Page, and you can watch it there. I hope you’ll join us.