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In the Lobby with Zoom

Join us in the Lobby on Zoom

Hey there, church family. I wanted to send you a quick update. Our staff, even though we can’t come together and meet every week or every couple weeks, we’ve been meeting through a platform called Zoom. It’s really cool. It’s basically an online platform where we can video chat about things, but the really cool thing about this is that you can have up to 99 or 100 people at a time on this one thing.

So, in our last strategy meeting we came up with this amazing idea — actually Derik and Becky came up with this amazing idea — called The Lobby. So this is just another way for us to keep you guys connected on a weekly basis.

So here’s what we’re going to start doing this week, this Sunday morning. We’re going to post a link on our Facebook Group page just like you’re seeing right now, in that group, and there’s going to be a Zoom link. All you’ve got to do is from your computer or your phone, wherever you have a camera, click on that link and it’s going to take you to a Zoom chat. It’s going to have everybody from our church who clicked on that link is going to be on there.

And so, I’m going to walk you through it really quick on what it’s going to look like. And so, when you get in, you’ll be able to just all hang out and chat together for ten or fifteen minutes before we go live. So, we’ll start this about 9:45, maybe 9:50, and we will go live at 10 o’clock. So, it’s basically for us as a church to just be able to hang out together from our own houses. Sit around, have some coffee, talk about some things from our own living rooms.

So, I’m going to show you what this looks like…

Watch the video above for instructions on using Zoom.

Here is the link to come hang out before our worship gathering. “The Lobby” will open at 9:45am! Join Zoom Meeting