We seek to make disciples who are
Gathering, Growing,
Giving, and Going

Changed+Chosen, Hard Truths for Hard Times

1 Peter 4:12-19

  1. Hard times are normal.
    1 Peter 4:12
  2. Hard times are a gift.
    1 Peter 4:13-14
    • Hard times lead us to deeper fellowship with Christ.
    • Hard times lead us to a deeper level of joy at His coming. 1 Peter 4:13b, Romans 8:18
    •Hard times lead us to a deeper experience of God’s Spirit. 1 Peter 4:14
  3. Hard times call for hard questions.
    1 Peter 4:15-16
    • Is this hard time due to some known sin in my life? 1 Peter 4:15
    • How can I glorify God in this? 1 Peter 4:16
  4. Hard times are an opportunity to live by faith.
    1 Peter 4:19