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Giving, and Going

Sermons on Romans

Tune In

Tune In: Don’t Give Up

Romans 8:18-30 Truths Three Observations “Foreknew” = to know beforehand or to choose beforehand“Predestined” = to mark out ahead of time“Conformed” = to be shaped or molded“Called” = God’s effective call“Justified” = to declare righteous“Glorified” = to see Christ as He is and to be made like Jesus

Tune In

Tune In: The Key to it All

Romans 8:1-17 Foundational Truths Why it is important for those not following Christ to please God FLESH• Death• Hostile towards God• Cannot please God SPIRIT• Life• Peace with God• Pleases God How do we get the strength of the Holy Spirit? What is our obligation? He bears witness with your spirit