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Dear Church Week 2: Getting the most out of suffering


Getting the most out of suffering

Revelation 2:8-11

What Jesus reassures us:

  1. Jesus identifies with our suffering! v. 8-9
    Jesus can identify with pressure!
    Jesus can identify with poverty!
    Jesus can identify with persecution!
  2. Jesus doesn’t want us to give in to fear! v.10
    Satan can’t take your salvation. He can only attack your emotions if you allow him to.

he antidote to fear is not courage, it’s trust.
Suffering is a part of God’s design sometimes.
Suffering bankrupts is making us dependent upon God.
Suffering teaches us that God is more concerned about our character then our comfort.
Suffering teaches us to number our days so we can present to God a heart of wisdom.
Suffering increases faith.
Suffering allows God to manifest His care.
God did not call you to walk through it because you are able. He called you to walk through it because He is able.
Who will you turn to when you go through suffering?