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Free at Last Sermon Series

Free at Last – Week 12

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Free At Last

Galatians 5:16-21

If you don’t want to walk in the flesh, then…

  1. Focus on walking in the Spirit
    v. 16
    Two choices:
    a) Spend all of your energies focused on walking in the Spirit
    b) Try really hard not to walk in the flesh
    Live your life in such a way that the pursuit of God is so consuming in your life that it crowds out that habitual pursuit of sin.
  2. Expect there to be a battle.
  3. Know the warning signs
    v. 19-21
    Three categories of sin: sexual sin, religious sin, and social sin
  4. Take a hard look within
    v. 21
    “Practice” = prosso, which means habitual action