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Fully Alive

Fully Alive: Living Without Insecurity

Fully Alive

Exodus 3:7-14

  1. What is Insecurity?
    Insecurity is the awareness of the gap between who I want to be and who I perceive myself to be.
    • Overcompensating through arrogance
    • Avoiding people and situations that expose it
    • Improving performance
    • Self-hatred
  2. What causes insecurity?
    • Past sins
    • A past culture of performance-based love
    • Past occasions of being sinned against
    • Rejection/failure
    Exodus 3:10
  3. What is the heart issue behind insecurity?
    • Fear of people
    • Confidence in the flesh (Romans 7:18)
    • Identity crisis
  4. How to win the battle against insecurity?
    • Remember GOD works through you (Psalm 25:3-5, Exodus 3:11-14, Exodus 4:1-2, 10-12)
    * Climb the right mountain

Insecurity grows up in your heart when you stop believing what God says your value is, and you believe what others, or even your own mind, says your value is.

The end of insecurity is not found in avoidance, arrogance, improvement, affirmation or achievement. The end of insecurity is Jesus.