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Summer Journey: The Truth About Prayer

Summer Journey

Psalms 32:1-11

The bridge between guilt and freedom is confession

God-driven guilt (conviction) leads to confession. Guilt is holding it in. Confession is letting it out. Confession of sin leads us to living in the freedom of forgiveness.

Four ways confession can set us free

  1. We are free from a guilty conscience
  2. Running towards God, not away from Him
  3. Receive wisdom from God
  4. Trading guilt for joy

Words for sin

  • Transgression (rebellion)
  • Sin (miss the mark)
  • Iniquity (twisted or bent)
  • Deceit (deliberate cover-up, falsehood)

Words for forgiveness

  • Forgiven (take away a burden)
  • Covered (out of sight)
  • Not charged (no charges brought against you)