We seek to make disciples who are
Gathering, Growing,
Giving, and Going

We All Have Stuff: Addicted to Approval

We All Have Stuff

John 12:37-43

Signs you are a people pleaser

  1. You don’t now how to cut ties with anyone.
  2. You apologize for literally everything.
  3. You don’t know how to say “no.”
  4. You overanalyze everything.
  5. You would rather hurt yourself than someone else.
  6. You have a habit of lying.

What does God’s Word have for us?

  1. You will obey that which you fear
  2. What is the root of the fear of man?
    Desiring someone else to provide for you what only Christ can
    Deuteronomy 10:12-13
  3. How do we experience freedom?
    Confess, trust, and renew
    Proverbs 29:25