We seek to make disciples who are
Gathering, Growing,
Giving, and Going

Sermons on Missions

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Old School: Faces in the Old Testament

Old School: Jonah – World’s Worst Missionary

Book of Jonah Disobedience brings discipline.• Nineveh represents the will of God.• Tarshish represents the will of man. Discipline brings deliverance. Deliverance brings devotion. • God is a God of second chances.• Failure is not fatal, nor does it have to be final. Devotion brings delight.• NOT just a physical miracle of a great fish.• It… Continue Reading Old School: Jonah – World’s Worst Missionary

The Big Reveal

https://fb.watch/6oonaswQIp/ Matthew 28:16-20 The church is a missional organization.The church IS the mission.Matthew 28:16-20 The early church was attractive.Acts 2:42-47• Deeply devoted to each other• Better together• Radical generosity• Supernatural boldness They shared hope with hurting people. What happened? We are overcommitted. We have a poor theology of salvation. How do we fix it? Pray… Continue Reading The Big Reveal