We seek to make disciples who are
Gathering, Growing,
Giving, and Going
Old School: Faces in the Old Testament

Old School: Jonah – World’s Worst Missionary

Book of Jonah

  1. Disobedience brings discipline.
    • Nineveh represents the will of God.
    • Tarshish represents the will of man.
  2. Discipline brings deliverance.
  3. Deliverance brings devotion.
    • God is a God of second chances.
    • Failure is not fatal, nor does it have to be final.
  4. Devotion brings delight.
    • NOT just a physical miracle of a great fish.
    • It IS the spiritual miracle of a gracious Father.
• Gracious• Ungracious
• Mercy• Judgement
• Slow to anger• quick to anger