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How to Pray

How to Pray Week 1

Using the acronym CHAT, this message is on Week 1: Confession

How to Pray
  • C = Confession
  • H = Honor God
  • A = Ask
  • T = Thank God

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  • David was a Godly man who made some bad mistakes
  • 2 Sam 11 & 12 David and Bathsheba
  1. The REVIEW 
  • After David is confronted by Nathan, he takes step 1 on the road to confession…He reviews his sin.
  • Psalm 51:1-3 is a recorded prayer of David after his sin catches up with him!
  • Nathan was an in your face dude.
  • We need NATHAN’S in our lives today!
  • Remember last week I said when we act like we have it all together, it hinders the gospel b/c no one likes “perfect people”? That’s where you need a Nathan!
  • A Nathan is some one who knows our STRUGGLES and is willing to address them with COURAGE and GENUINE CONCERN.
  • You need to review your life often and have someone to help!
  1. The Results
  • After Nathan showed David his sin, he tells him the result (2 Sam 12:10-14)
  • The God who had given David so much had been dishonored, and for that there were to be consequences!
  • This is the reality of the results from sin in our lives!
  • “Sin will take you where you didn’t plan to go. It will keep you there longer than you planned to stay. And it will cost you more than you intended to pay.”
  • Whenever we talk about the 10 commandments, most of us pretty much blow those off, right? 
    • DO NOT LIE…we do
    • Don’t desire and covet what your neighbors have…we do
  • All commandments are wrapped up in the first one…
    • Requiring us to HONOR God as God! (Next Week)
  • So our sins, even the smallest ones, are an offense to a holy God!
  1. The Roots
  • Why is it we do what we do?
  • Here, we must get to the roots (girls who color their hair get this).
  • Superficial spot cleaning doesn’t work…
  • David prayed in Psalm 51:6; Surely you desire truth in the inner parts; you teach me wisdom in the inmost place.”
  • He knew that God wants us to be people of integrity…
  • In other words we need to get at the sin behind the sin!
  • HERE’S how that looks…
    • IMPATIENCE = PRIDE…too big for your britches
    • i.e. I’m too good to have to wait.
    • Instead of asking forgiveness about impatience, we need to pray forgiveness for our PRIDE.
    • THIS is how you deal with the ROOT!
  • Psalm 51:7-8, 10
  • What David is saying here is:
    • I am asking God to apply Jesus’ purifying blood to my soiled heart. The result is that I am washed whiter than snow!!!
  • NT verse sums this up 1 John 1:9,  If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 
  • You will never receive what you don’t ask for!
  • When we do this, sin is GONE…INSTANTLY!!!
  • Psalm 51:16-17…
  • Who would’ve thought being broken was good???
    • Broken arm…cast
    • Broken dishes…trash
    • Broken promises…Undermine trust
  • More we confess, more we are broken before God.
  • Unbroken ppl don’t show much grace towards others.
  • It’s b/c they aren’t experiencing it themselves!
  • If not, set aside time TODAY to become broken before God.
  • Part of our MESS, is not knowing we are a MESS!
    • Psalm 19:12 How can I know all the sins lurking in my heart? Cleanse me from these hidden faults.

Maybe it’s time for you to become broken before God!