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How to Pray

How to Pray Week 2

Using the acronym CHAT, this message is on Week 2: Honor God

  • C = Confession
  • H = Honor God
  • A = Ask
  • T = Thank God

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Four things to know from Psalm 100

  • Hunger for God.
    • When we come before God, are we joyful?
  • Humility before God
    • Acknowledge that He is God and we are not
    • We are dumb sheep
    • What’s our posture when we come before God?
    • At what time in our day do we pray the most?
    • Humility is lifting God up as we lower ourselves down
  • Hello
    • Verse 4 “Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and bless his name.” = honor God for who he is; give him praise and thanksgiving before you ask for things
  • Habit
    • Verse 5 “For the LORD is good, and his faithful love endures forever; his faithfulness, through all generations”
      • Three attributes of God
        • God is good
        • God is faithful
        • God loves us

Know who is God

We need to train ourselves to understand who God is.

  • Creator
  • Owner
  • Shepherd
  • King

Let’s practice walking through the attributes that we see in Psalm 100.

  • Good. What do you know about the goodness of God? In what sense is God good?
  • Love. In what way is God love?
    • Jesus Christ
    • John 3:16 God loved us so much that he gave his only son.
    • He came to earth in the form of man to die for us.
    • Grace – giving us all the things that we don’t deserve.
    • Mercy – not giving us the things that we do deserve.
  • Faithful. In what way is he faithful?
    • God keeps his promises.

We need to begin to learn who God is and what his attributes are. What are the areas of your life that you snack so much that your appetite for God is diminished?