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Gathering, Growing,
Giving, and Going
Joy Ride - A JOURNEY through the book of Philippians

Joy Ride Week 10

Joy Ride - A JOURNEY through the book of Philippians


Philippians 3:12-16

Guest speaker Derick Shepherd

You’re either surviving in the Christian life or thriving. We should all be thriving.

  1. Never be satisfied
    It’s not about your performance. Don’t compare yourself to other believers. When you begin to compare you become self satisfied.
  • What are you DEVOTED to?
    Don’t get distracted. Identity in Christ
  • DIRECTION – never look back
    As Christian we should be looking toward future.
    Church is full of spiritually disabled people who are paralyzed by past.
    If you cannot forgive yourself, you have higher standards than God, the Father.
  • DETERMINATION – never give up; get in race and win.

Two extremes to avoid

  1. I can do it all.
  2. God can do it all.

It takes discipline (v. 15-16)

Remember spiritual rules God’s word.