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Joy Ride - A JOURNEY through the book of Philippians

Joy Ride Week 9

Joy Ride - A JOURNEY through the book of Philippians

Philippians 3:1-11

Guest Speaker Brad Cunningham

Joy is often found in ways we would assume we couldn’t attain it.

  1. Joy cannot be discovered or developed externally.
    We’re looking for joy in all wrong places.
    If it doesn’t lead to Jesus it won’t lead to joy.
    Joy is not an option in the Christian life.
    Lifestyle of joy that should not end.

False places people look for joy (v.2-6)

  1. Religious performance – something do or don’t do on outside and will feel right on inside (legalism)
    Holiness should be to our hearts what breath is to our lungs.
    Legalism is adding to what God said. Holiness is taking serious what God has said.
    You will never do enough to put your guilt to rest.
  2. Personal achievement and status
    The joy filled Christian does not put their confidence in their experiences, their education, their service. They put their confidence in Christ.
    Once Jesus takes up residence in our heart nothing will ever satisfy our hearts but Him.

Where can joy be found? Psalm 16:11

Knowing Jesus deeply is the recipe for experiencing joy exponentially.