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Joy Ride - A JOURNEY through the book of Philippians

Joy Ride Week 5

Joy Ride - A JOURNEY through the book of Philippians

The Little Things

Philippians 1:27-30
Paul’s tone shifts from autobiographical to something he wants to tell church. He wants them to look into their hearts and evaluate themselves.
He addresses idea of unity.
1) Faithfulness is required to make a difference. v. 27
Live life worthy of Gospel.
1 Corinthians 15:58
Stand firm in one spirit
 I) Live life not live by fear
    1) Believe in Him
        If God says don’t fear and don’t have anxiety the if we believe in Him we have to believe in everything.
     2) Suffer for Him
         Suffering shows us God is still with us because it draws us closer to God.
         People are going to be watching you especially when you’re suffering to see your response/reaction. This is your best opportunity to be a witness.
Three practical ways to live this out 1 Peter 4:12:
1) Faithfulness despite suffering give and inward evidence of your salvation.
2) Brings us closer into contact with the Lord.
3) Provides an opportunity to display joy to those that don’t know Jesus.