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Little Stories with Big Ideas

Little Stories with Big Ideas: It’s Not Fair!

Little Stories with Big Ideas

Matthew 19:30-20:16

  • The vineyard = the kingdom of heaven
  • Landowner = God the Father
  • Foreman = Jesus the Son
  • Laborers = Christ followers
  • Denarius = eternal life
  • Workday = life of service to the Lord
  • Evening = eternity

Spiritual jealousy happens when…

  1. You forget how desperate you were
  2. You forget that it is a privilege to work
    Every time we get disappointed with God when He seems to be blessing someone else more than He is blessing us and we appeal on the basis of our service, we are no longer truly serving the Lord, we are trading good works for good fortune.
  3. You have forgotten the definition of grace
    Mercy = not getting what we deserve
    Grace = getting what we do not deserve
    It’s not fair. It’s grace. Grace is better than fair.
  4. We fail to deal with the root issue

How do we become grateful for grace again?

  • Thank God for what you do have consistently
  • Don’t evaluate yourself based on what God does in someone else’s life
  • Remember that God rewards faithfulness, not production

Who can receive this grace?

  • Anyone who acknowledges their need