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Summer Psalms

Summer Psalm Week 4

Love His Word

Guest Speaker Austin McCoy

Psalm 119

To love God is to love His law but to look to the law is to look to Jesus.

  1. God and His word are good. 
    * The law is good. The law apart from Jesus is legalism. The law with Jesus is life.    
    * The law is for our benefit.    
    * The law is life. Psalm 119:23, 40, 88, 107, 149
  2. The psalmist is in this desperate state of longing for God’s word.    
    * The psalmist desires to be holy.    
    * The psalmist desires to be taught. Faithful Available Teachable      Filter your life through scripture and not filter scripture through your life.   
     * The psalmist realizes nothing is better.

Reasons reading the Bible is struggle

  1. Don’t understand what is going on.
  2. It’s not applicable to my life. I don’t get anything out of it.    
    *Scripture memory    
    *Pray through scripture    
    *Asking questions
  3. I don’t have time. Argument of time is argument of priority.