We seek to make disciples who are
Gathering, Growing,
Giving, and Going
Tune In

Tune In: Don’t Give Up

Tune In

Romans 8:18-30


  1. We have a great expectation
    “A future focus affects present perseverance.”
    “Eagerly waits” = to watch with outstretched neck
  2. We have a great assurance

Three Observations

  1. The Spirit helps us in our weakness
  2. One purpose of suffering is to draw you to God
  3. The Spirit intercedes for us “according to the will of God”

“Foreknew” = to know beforehand or to choose beforehand
“Predestined” = to mark out ahead of time
“Conformed” = to be shaped or molded
“Called” = God’s effective call
“Justified” = to declare righteous
“Glorified” = to see Christ as He is and to be made like Jesus